Verde Sabor_
UI_UX Design
Project Context
Verde Sabor is a startup focusing on providing daily fresh, healthy and easy to get food in one place. The client wanted to achieve this idea in a digital platform in the form of an online salad bar. The challenge of this project was to create a way to display a lot relevant information in an attractive and easy to use way; each ingredient and salad must show its nutritional components.
Type of project
Client - Tejido Digital Agency
My role
UI - UX Designer
My role
I engaged in this project while I was working in a software development agency. As the UX - UI designer of the company I was in charge of developing the user flow of platform as well as the content architecture, visual design and final prototype.

To enhance the usability and experience in the platform, it was necessary to create a visual system which includes guide elements such as a process bar, marker steps for first time users, and a icon set to represent the main elements. Through an iterative process of sketches and wireframes was possible to define the proper UI experience.

Visual Consistency

The platform was developed to have the most intuitive interface possible. Creating a structured solution that optimazed the platform visualization through different devices was essential to guarantee the usability experience and fulfill the client requirements.

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