Speak Up_

UI_UX Design
Project Context
SpeakUp is an online platform to give voice to teenagers in a situation of bullying. It aims to create a safe space and an online community where they can find support and talk about their situation with other people like them. As well to provide help and professional assistance through contact with a specialist in these issues such as a social worker, psychologist, etc. This will be possible thanks to the partnership with an organization like Maison des Adolescents.
Type of project
Master's degree class project
My role
UI_UX Designer - Researcher
Research Overview
This project was developed during a semester for a class inside my master's degree program. The main idea was to create a project that could help users developed social resilience.
During this project, I worked on every step of the process from the initial research to user testing, partners contact, final prototype and communication strategy.

It all started under the premise of resilience, on exploring how it can be developed in humans and what can affect it. For the initial research, I started looking for a tangible connection between the development of resilience and a problem. By doing the gathering and later analysis of different articles and academic papers in the field of sociology and psychology, I found that there was a link between victims of bullying and resilience as a key to face a situation like that. This was the starting point to go further in the research and contact some experts on the topic that could prove and help me develop the project.
Stakeholders - The challenge
Exploring the possible stakeholders related to the project led me to work with Maison des Adolescent, which is a regional institution that offers support to teenagers in any kind of situation. With them, I shaped my project and got closer to the main users. I had the chance to have direct contact with the main users -teenagers-, as well with the other users and experts on the matter, like the social workers of the place.

The features to create a complete and safe experience.

I reached this type of solution thanks to the feedback from both users through interviews and focus groups. By talking with teenagers I understood the importance of giving them a space to feel free to express themselves, and that they tend to feel more comfortable talking with other teens like them. From these observations, I got the idea of creating virtual forums where they could listen to others and then talk about their experience. This idea was supported and complemented by the observations I got from social workers, with them I re-shaped the concept and add the features that will enhance the experience for the users and create a safe space. 

Speak Up is an ode to motivate teenagers to step up and speak out for others and themselves.The forum feature uses a voice-based interaction to encourage them to use verbal communication and promote talking aloud about this kind of situations.

For example, this main feature about the forums -with advice from social workers and taking into account the teenagers needs- evolved from its initial idea to become a safe environment that will give freedom to teenagers to speak, but also by having close the professional support they need when treating bullying situation.

Communication pieces were designed for both parents and children, using traditional media like newspapers and posters. Complete wire-flow of the application below.

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