á Malakoff Humanis
Interactive installation - Research
Communication strategy based on a DataViz storytelling developed in a partnership with Malakoff Humanis -before MMH-, one of the biggest social protection groups in France, to engage their executives and employees with the experiences of their final clients.

A project developed during an intensive master's seminar of three days.
Type of project
Partnership with Malakoff Humanis
My role
Information Designer
MH extended a challenge to develop a strategy to improve the process of communicating its Customer Satisfaction reports between members of the company. The project brief was to take their raw collected data on KPI Customer Experience, which included quantitative and qualitative data, to create a storytelling experience that could engage and connect their internal stakeholders with their clients' experiences. The main constrain of this project was that the data processing and management needed to be done in the platform Power Bi by Microsoft.

The dataset consisted of  KPI customer experience and channel performance reports, clients' verbatim, and Personas. To create an emotional connection with users and engage them to explore the data report,  I decided to dig into the qualitative data and use the clients' verbatim to complement the rest of the information.

The developed strategy plays with nostalgia and tangible elements. The semestral report will be introduced to the executives by sending them "letters" from clients. The letters will contain an introductory verbatim from a real client linked to a persona and an overview of the data visualisation. The personalised experience of receiving an envelope from a client intends to give a human approach to the KPI data. The link between the tangible object with the actual report in PowerBi is through the use of a QR code directly linked to the online visualisation.

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