Visualization of Immigration Data and Cultural Heritage: Museum Exhibition

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Project Context
As I'm in the last year of my Information Design master's, right now I'm working on my End of Studies Project. Currently, I'm exploring design and interaction methods to visualize data in a space. As well I'm interested in a more sensible and human approach to data, so I'm working on the topic of immigration data to see if the integration of this information with cultural heritage elements can generate a new experience.
Type of project
Master's degree end of studies project
WIP - Last update 25-10-2019
My role
Information Designer

The idea of thinking about the interaction in a space like a museum came when I visited the National Museum of History of Immigration in France. There I saw how they treat the topic of immigration and the two different types of representations they use for the same story. In one side they have objects and cultural heritage belongings of immigrants through the country’s history, and in the other side a simple projection on a wall of actual immigration data. I questioned myself, what happens if you combine these two spectrums? Will it have more sense? Could they support each other to create new meaning? So it made sense to think about the exhibition of this information in a cultural environment that invites a diverse population to be engaged, gather and reflect at the time about a topic in the same place.

The beggining - Phase 1
I'm developing this project in three phases, as is the school methodology. In this first one, I did most of the primary and theoretical research to set a framework and start thinking about design concepts for the next one. As always I keep exploring possibilities and going back to revisit my desk-research when I need it.
Below you could see on a -very- large scale what I presented of my research, my vision as a designer for this project and what I would like to do for it in the near future.

Next steps -  User research, concepts, testing...

Concepts - Phase 2
For this phase, I started researching with migrants -trying to listen to their stories-. I've been doing some questionnaires and I'm planning to do a group session in the following weeks to get to know them better, and hopefully, involve them in some way to the creating process. I'm interested in exploring the concept of the meaning of home and sense of belonging while being a migrant, especially since I'll be facing this information with the Migration Integration and Public Opinion statistics.
I also have been imagining how the experience will go and what will be the data story and narrative that will glue everything together. So far it just rough sketches of ideas that come to my mind while analyzing the information. I'm still exploring!
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