Fulgor Caribe_
Design Research
Project Context
Fulgor Caribe is a project focuses on promoting and preserving the graphic popular expressions on the Caribbean coast of Colombia.
It aims to create a platform and an online community where these expressions can archive and accessible to everybody. As well as to empower citizens in recognising the identity and heritage value of these pieces.
Type of project
Undergraduate thesis
2015 - on going
My role
Researcher - Designer
Research Overview
As my thesis project, I researched the popular graphic expressions in the city of Barranquilla, Colombia. In the investigation process of cultural behaviours around these graphics expressions I decided to focus my project on two important aspects of this movement: first, the fact that these expressions are completely ephemerals and citizens interact with them every day (mostly unconsciously); and secondly, these graphics expressions are empirically taught generation to generation as tradition.

As a result of this, I found the need to preserve and exalt the cultural value of these expressions through a lasting way and a medium that could be accessible for everybody. The outcome of the project was a digital repository to document popular graphics in the city among other expressions that interact with it.

Capturing the essence of a culture.

Typographic compositions are the main elements in the visual system of this project, as it is in actual popular graphic expressions. All the graphics were made as an interpretation of it, taking elements such as the vibrant colours, the shape of letters, the use of shadows and depth in type compositions.

Immersive Content

The main idea of the site besides containing and preserving the popular graphic expressions through a documentary process was to capture and transmit the essence of it.

For this, to create an immersive experience the platform can host diverse types of content such as short video documentaries of the artists behind the expressions, photography documentation, a playlist of local traditional music and blogs or papers related to the culture.

For the digital platform, I designed a full-screen structure to improve the visualization of each content, the site keeps a lateral menu bar for ease of navigation for the user. With the wireframe process, it was possible to define a visual structure that adapts to the needs for proper visualization of each type of content, thus conserving the aesthetic aspects of the project.

Fostering the sense of belonging and empowering the community.

Community Extension
Through social media like Instagram and Facebook, I developed accounts specialized to share different types of web content, and to enhance the user experience by motivating them to share their own content of the popular graphics. The main idea was to be able to create community and expose the cultural value of these expressions.

The project has continued through the union of forces.

After my degree was completed, a colleague and I decided to continue working on this project that soon became our passion and on-going personal project. In this way, the creative collective Fulgor Caribe was born. Our main goal is to highlight the value of the popular graphics and its context; the colours, shapes, experiences, and customs that surround us day by day. Through the Instagram community, we continue sharing our documentation of the graphics expressions of the Colombian Caribbean.

El viaje popular del Caribe
-An authentic journey through the Caribbean-

The main project we have been putting our efforts in it is the documentation of the artisans behind the graphics. The concept follows the idea of doing an audiovisual portrait of the artist of a particular style in each town we get to visit in the Colombian Caribbean coast. The idea is to show that you can discover and travel our territory through its popular cultural expressions. As one of two head creators of this series, I'm involved in the documentary research and director decisions among other tasks.

In the first episode, we meet Pert├║z who is a painter from the market of Barranquilla. It still a work in process, studying abroad has slowed things down a bit, but we are deeply interested in keep working on it and finish the project in the near future.

Below you can have a preview of the complete narrative of the clip, though doesn't have colour, sound neither music edition yet.

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